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Renewable Energy Finance Forum LAC 2013

April 30- May 1, 2013 • Miami, Florida REFF-LAC will address the rapidly changing state of renewable energy finance, and insights about the path ahead, with a specific focus on the Central, Latin American and Caribbean markets and how they are interacting with the broader global markets. In the face of tremendous long-term growth potential and new political support, the renewable energy markets are today suffering from the credit crisis, withdrawal of major lenders, loss of tax equity capacity, economic recession, and new legislative initiatives

With continuing change in the economic landscape, new regional policy advocating investment in renewables, and alternative financial players coming in to the market, it is essential that you make REFF-LAC your one-stop-shop to get up to speed with this constantly evolving and lucrative market!

• For more information about this event please visit www.refflac.com


Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) - LAC 2012

April 24-25, 2012 • Miami, Florida The potential for renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean grows year on year. With annual growth rates of 12.6% expected for installed wind energy up until 2025 and other renewable energy technologies such as solar and bioenergy looking to become competitive on an international scale, new projects are constantly being developed. However, with the rippling effects of the debt crisis affecting financing of renewables projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, the availability of capital is uncertain. This leaves potential for other financial players beyond the banks to take advantage of the new opportunities that this market has to offer.


REFF-LAC, returning from its triumphant first year, brings together developers, manufacturers, and financiers at the core of the renewable energy community to evaluate opportunities in the market and propel the industry to the next level.


• For more information about this event please visit www.refflac.com


Energy Roundtable: Financing Renewable Energy Projects

May 26, 2011 - Bogotá, Colombia  This is the first in a series of high-level regional roundtables to discuss renewable energy finance trends and opportunities in various countries and sub-regions of Latin America and the Caribbean. This roundtable event will convene participants from across the Andean region. Expected attendees will include private developers, energy service companies (ESCOs), equipment and service vendors, investors, financial institutions, and multilateral organizations. This premiere event will feature: Expert stakeholders on renewable energy finance and project development in the Andean region; Case studies of successful projects in the region; Dialogue sessions between government, financiers, developers, and development organizations; and the opportunity to make recommendations for policymakers.

Speakers: TOMAS GONZALEZ, Viceministro de MInas y Energía, Republica de Colombia; KEN WESTRICK, Chairman, 3Tier Inc.; JUAN CARLOS CAIZA, Director, IPSE; FABIO GONZALEZ, Corpoema; PABLO REYES, Director, CEELAT; EDUARDO AFANADOR, COrpoema; JUAN SEBASTIAN HOYOS, Gomez Pinzon Zuleta Abogados; JUAN CARLOS DEVIS, Brigard & Urrutia; JOSE RAMON GOMES, BID; JORGE GARNER, CAF; RAFAEL PARDO SOTO, CEO Energía, Grupo Helm; FRANCO PIZA RONDON, Bancolombia Group; ANDREAS EGGENBERG, CEO, Grupo Ecos; JENS MESA, Presidente, Fedepalma; DIEGO LOZANO, Campo Capital; BILL HOLMBERG, Chairman BBC, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)  

Sponsors: 3Tier Inc ; North Star Green SAS


Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) - LAC 2011

February 22-23, 2011 - Miami, Florida As the push towards greener energy continues across the globe, Latin America and the Caribbean are the latest regions to begin paying serious attention to non-traditional renewable energy sources. But in the face of tremendous long-term potential and new political support, the renewable energy markets are still suffering from the fallout of the global economic crisis and the withdrawal of major lenders. REFF-Latin America and the Caribbean will address the challenges of financing renewable energy projects in the region head on.


BILL HOLMBERG, Chairman, LAC-CORE & The Biofuels Coordinating Council; Michael Eckahart, President, ACORE; CAMILA RAMOS, Head of Research for Latin America, Bloomberg New Energy Finance;  DANA YOUNGER, Chief Renewable Energy Specialist, IFC World Bank Group; PABLO REYES, Director, CEELAT; STEVEN PUIG, Vice President for Private Sector Lending, IADB; CARLOS ST. JAMES, President, CADER; JERRY BUTLER, Executive Director, CREF; HEZY RAM, President & CEO, Ram Power.

 Sponsors: Santander, Vestas, Renewable Technologies Corporation, SolFocus



Roundtable Discussion: U.S.-Colombia Bilateral Energy Agenda

October 26, 2010 - Bogotá, Colombia  La Embajada de Estados Unidos en Bogotá y CEELAT convocaron esta reunion para  discutir el futuro de la agenda bilateral energetica aprovechando la visita de la delegacion Estadounidense a Colombia. Los principales temas de discusion se situaron alrededor de las energias no convencionales, eficiencia energetica y sostenibilidad, asi como en las oportunidades emergentes con la iniciativa hemisferica de ECPA. 


EDUARDO AFANADOR - Regulator & RE Expert; JORGE BENDECK - President, Federación Colombiana de Bioconbustibles; RONALD BENIOFF - Manager, International Programs National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL -DOE; MARIA CARRIZOSA - CEELAT & IFC Consultant; JOHN CYMBALSKY - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Buildings Technology Program, DOE; RHIA DAVIS -Office of Policy and International Affairs - Department of Energy; CHRIS DAVY - Deputy Director, Economic Section, US Embassy in Bogota; JUAN CARLOS ESPINOSA - Sector Policy Officer, WWF Colombia; CRISTINA GAMBOA - Executive Director, Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible; TULIA I. GOMEZ - CSR Director, CEELAT; FABIO GONZALEZ - Universidad Nacional de Colombia; APRIL HAYNES - Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability  DOE; ARTURO QUIROZ - Director, ASOMINEROS (ANDI); PABLO REYES – Director, CEELAT; HUMBERTO RODRIGUEZ - Consultant; DANIEL ROMERO - Director, Cámara Grandes Consumidores de Energia y Gas (ANDI); GARY WARD - Office of Policy and International Affairs - Department of Energy; JEAN WEAVER - USGS, US Department of Interior. 


Energy Forum: Green Building Design and Sustainable Urban Development

 July 9, 2010 - Bogotá, Colombia CEELAT in collaboration with Colombian American Chamber of Commerce organize this event to provide an overview of leading trends and visionary thinking in green building design, and sustainable urban development, highlighting opportunities for Colombian cities, infrastructure projects, and key industrial sectors.


Speakers: WILLIAM BROWNING, President, Terrapin Bright Green; SUZANNE HUNT, Carbon War Room; LLEWELIN WELLS, President, Living City Block; PABLO REYES, Director, CEELAT.

Sponsors: Colombian American Chamber of Commerce, North Star Green SAS


Energy Workshop: Oil & Gas in a Non-Technical Language

May 25, 2010 - Bogotá, Colombia CEELAT and CCLAEN hosted the first  oil and gas workshop  to provide a basic understanding  of  the properties of oil, its geology, oil deposits, field operations, refining, oil supply and trade, and new technologies among other critical concepts, from experienced professionals in the oil industry.  The workshop was directed at business leaders across different sectors. 


Speakers: NELSON NAVARRETE, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Exploracion y Produccion, Ecopetrol: RAUL OSORIO, Ecopetrol; CARLOS AÑEZ, Chevron; HECTOR MATA, CCLAEN; OREN HARRIS, Pacific Rubiales Energy.

Sponsors:Pacific Rubiales Energy, Alange Energy Corp.

Seven Revolutions Conference

April 17, 2010 - Bogotá, Colombia (Postponed) El Programa de Tendencias Globales de CEELAT y el capitulo Hablemos deEnergía de la Corporación Centro Latinoamericano de Energía (CCLAEN) presentan: Siete Revoluciones, un proyecto realizado por el “Global Strategy Institute” del “Center for Strategic and International Studies” con el objetivo de identificar y analizar los principales retos con los cuales políticos, empresarios, y otros lideres tendrán que enfrentarse hasta el año 2025. Este es un esfuerzo para promover el pensamiento estratégico en relación a las tendencias globales a largo plazo, identificando siete áreas de cambio consideradas como las mas “revolucionarias”.


ERICK PETERSON, Director, Global Strategy Institute & Vicepresidente, CSIS 


Book Launch: Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere

March 10, 2010 | Bogotá, Colombia: Conferencistas Invitados:La Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH), el Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), el Centro de Estudios Estratégicos Latinoamericanos (CEELAT), y la Corporación Centro Latinoamericano de Energía (CCLAEN) invitan a la conferencia y coctel que se realizaran con motivo del lanzamiento de la edición en español del libro titulado “Cooperación Energética en Hemisferio Occidental: Beneficios e Impedimentos”, editado por Sidney Weitraub. 



 Sponsors: ANH, Alange  


CSR Conference & Workshops: CSR a Priority for the Mining Sector in Colombia

August 26-27, 2009 
 Bogotá, Colombia: 
El Centro de Estudios Estratégicos Latinoamericanos (CEELAT) con el apoyo del Gobierno de Canadá convocaron a representantes de la  industria, la academia, ONGs, organismos de cooperación internacional, y gobiernos  para participar en este evento cuyo objetivo era promover la cooperación y la coordinación en el desarrollo e implementación de prácticas de RSE. Aprovechando la experiencia y los avances a nivel nacional e internacional se analizaron las herramientas disponibles, los beneficios ( a nivel corporativo, ambientales, comunidades, relaciones bilaterales y comerciales), así como el compromiso del sector minero en el desarrollo y futuro de la RSE en Colombia. Adicionalmente, se creo un comité de impulso para la organización de mesas regionales de trabajo.  
JULIE GELFAND, The  Mining Association of Canada; CARLOS HOLMES TRUJILLO, Embajador  de Colombia en Bélgica y Jefe de Misión ante la Union Europea; DIANA CHAVEZ, Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas; BEATRIZ DUQUE, Ministerio de Minas y Energía; FREDERIK FELDER, Greystar Resources; KATHERINE MILES, Global Reporting Initiative; MAURICIO IBANEZ, Petrominerales Colombia; FERNANDA DIEZ, ICMM; CAROLINA RUEDA, AngloGold Ashanti; ALEJANDRA MARTIN, BSR; CRISTINA ECHAVARRIA, Alianza por la Minería Responsable (ARM); LUIS GUILLERMO LASERNA, Greystar Resources; LAURA GRANADOS, Mineros  S.A.; SANTIAGO MADRINAN, CECODES; ALEXANDRA GUAQUETA, Cerrejon; ANGELIKA RETTBERG, Universidad de Los Andes; JULIO FIERRO, Ministerio de Ambiente Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial; JUAN CARLOS ESPINOSA, WWF.

 Sponsors:  Canada, Anglo Gold Ashanti, Asomineros, Greystar Resources, Petrominerales. 


Energy Forum: Investing in Non-Traditional Renewable Energy Resources

April 21, 2009 
 Bogotá, Colombia:
 El Centro de Estudios Estratégicos Latinoamericanos (CEELAT) organizó este foro para hacer un análisis de las oportunidades y las principales consideraciones que se deben tener en cuenta para el desarrollo proyectos de energía renovable (no-tradicional) en Colombia. Con este propósito se analizaron también, el estado actual de del sector; las lecciones y la experiencia adquirida a nivel nacional en las ultimas cuatro décadas; diferentes modelos y mecanismos internacionales de financiamiento; el proceso de formulación de políticas y las herramientas que actualmente ofrece el gobierno nacional para fomentar la inversión y el desarrollo de este sector.


PABLO REYES, Director CEELAT; HUMBERTO RODRIGUEZ Consultor, Banco Mundial; BID; 

JUNIUS F. SCARBOROUGH Socio Fundador, MAPA Group; 


Sponsors: Onamics LLC


Andean Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels

February 18-19, 2009 The Inter-American Development Bank’s Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Initiative (SECCI), the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), and CEELAT with the support of GTZ invited representatives from the biofuels industry, academia, NGOs, international institutions, and governments to work together on the design and implementation of sustainable biofuels standards. The recommendations that came out of this roundtable were used for “Version Cero of the RSB” and the IADB’s “Biofuels Scorecard.”


JORGE BENDECK Presidente Ejecutivo, Federación Nacional de Biocombustibles; DIEGO LOZANO Presidente, Fiduagraria; ROXANA ORREGO Ministerio de Agricultura, Perú; JUAN CARLOS LIJERON Coordinador Proyecto Biocombustibles en Bolivia, IBCE 2007-2008; PABLO REYES Director, CEELAT; ARTURO INFANTE Coordinador Nacional para los Biocombustibles, DNP 2007-2008; TOMAS LEON SICARD, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; DANIEL DE LA TORRE UGARTE, University of Tennessee; MATTEW RUDOLF Coordinador para América, RSB; ELIZABETH BEALL & GREGOR MEERGANZ VON MEDEAZZA Especialitas SECCI, BID.

Sponsor: GTZ


Energy Cooperation Conference II: Building a Sustainable Biofuels Strategy

April 24, 2008 - Bogota, Colombia Considering the challenges posed by climate change, food security, and growth projections for the biofuels sector, CEELAT with the support of USAID and the government of the Netherlands invited government representatives, energy experts, and business leaders to take part in the Second Energy Cooperation Conference. The objective of the conference was to identify regional mechanisms to enhance cooperation on the development of a sustainable bioufuels strategy, financial mechanisms, and integration of sustainable biofuel standards into new projects.


LUIS GUISTI, Consultor Privado y Consejero Senior CSIS; GREGORY MANUEL, Consejero Especial, Departamento de Estado EEUU; ARTURO INFANTE, Coordinador Nacional de Biocombustibles – DNP; WILLIE SMITHS, Tomohon University, Indonesia;SIMON NICHOLSON, American University & CEELAT; JOHANNA MENDELSON FORMAN, CSIS & The Jatropha Foundation; JORGE BENDECK, Federación Nacional de Biocombustibles; JOHN VEERKAMP, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Holanda; LEONORA MARIA COSTA DE MENEZES, PETROBRAS; SUZANNE HUNT, Presidente, Hunt Green LLC; JENS MESA DISHINGTON, Fedepalma; EDUARDO PRADA SERRANO, Banco de Crédito; TONY LENT, US Renewables Group; DIEGO MOLANO, USAID/Programa MIDAS; JOAQUIN REYES, Northstar Trade Financial Inc.; LUIS FERNANDO LONDONO, Asocaña.

Sponsors: Ingenios INCAUCA & Providencia, Petrobrás S.A., USAID - Programa MIDAS, Tribeca, Onamics LLC, Accion Social, Ingenio Riopaila, Banco de Crédito, Asocaña, Fedepalma. 


Energy Cooperation Conference I: Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere

March 12, 2007 The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) based in Washington, DC and CEELAT hosted this conference to present the findings of the study entitled “Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Impediments.” The presentation highlighted recent developments in the energy sector in Colombia and the Andean region, seeking to contribute to the development and analysis of new energy policies in the Western Hemisphere.


MAURICIO SALGAR, Director General de Operaciones ECOPETROL S.A.; SYDNEY WEINTRAUB, Simon Chair en Economía Política CSIS; DIRCEU ABRAHAO, Presidente de Petrobrás Colombia; PETER DeSHAZO, Director Programa de las Américas CSIS; PHILILIP McLEAN, Senior Associate CSIS; ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ, Presidente Ejecutivo de la ACP; JOSE ARMANDO ZAMORA, Director, Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos; ALBERTO RODRIGUEZ, Director (E) UPME; VICTOR RIVERA, CEO Petrotesting; LUIS GIUSTI, ExPresidente de PDVSA y Consejero Senior de CSIS.

Sponsors: Petrobrás de Colombia, Acciones de Colombia, Onamics LLC, Porvenir S.A. 


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