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CEELAT offers publications on issues integral to the formulation of public and private policies, international relations, international business, and academic studies.

The publications include opinion articles, reports, policy briefs, and information briefs prepared by domestic and international specialists associated with each of our programs. Permission to reproduce any CEELAT publication, partially or in full, is normally granted upon request. For more detailed information, please write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and independent think-tank, CEELAT does not take stances when formulating or evaluating policies; accordingly, all views, positions, and conclusions expressed in our publications are to be attributed solely to the authors of those publications and not the organization itself.


Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Impediments (Spanish Edition) Edited by Sidney Weintraub with Annette Hester and Veronica R. Prado, with a forward by Luis Alberto Moreno.

The book "Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Impediments" examines the state of energy cooperation between oil producers and natural gas in the Western Hemisphere and opportunities for further cooperation. Is the result of two years of extensive research in each country and interviews with key stakeholders, including government and oil industry representatives. The study is distinguished by its comprehensive approach which makes a specific analysis of current conditions and future projects in each country. Sidney Weintraub and his coauthors analyze critical historical factors, technical challenges, dangerous conditions, political tensions, divisions and disagreements that have impeded hemispheric cooperation. The authors offer predictions and suggestions with the aim to encourage objective discussions within countries and contribute to a more stable and cooperative hemisphere in energy. 

Articles & Commentary

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, "Suerte, señor Rajoy" Portafolio. Colombia (diciembre 21, 2011)

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, "Sí, más Europa" Portafolio. Colombia (diciembre 12, 2011)

Juana Garcia Duque, "De los países emergentes, ¿cuáles realmente emergerán?" Portafolio. Colombia (June, 2011)

Juana Garcia Duque, "Se requiere una estrategia con Asia" Portafolio. Colombia (May, 2011) 

BorutGrgic, “Avoiding the Next War in the South Caucasus ”The Wall Street Journal, New York (November 2010)

Juana Garcia Duque, "Era Mejor la NegociaciónComercial en Bloque" Portafolio. Colombia (April, 2010)

BorutGrgic, “Europe Needs a Diversified Energy Strategy” New Atlanticist, Washington (July 2009)

Juana Garcia Duque, “Contexto Regional y Global parael Acuerdo Comercial con la UE" Portafolio. Colombia (February, 2009)

Pablo Reyes, “Building a Sustainable Biofuels Strategy” Council of the Americas, New York (March, 2008) 

Simon Nicholson, “Genetically Modified Organisms and Global Hunger: A Real Solution?”  Sustainable Development Law and Policy Journal (2008)

Pablo Reyes, “Biofuels - What can the EU Learn from Latin America?” DELO, Slovenia (2008)

Pablo Reyes & BorutGrgic,“La Unión Europea y Colombia: Hora de fortalecerlasrelaciones” El Tiempo, Colombia (August, 2007)


  Financiamiento de Proyectos de Energías Renovables en Colombia (2011)

  La Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y el Sector Minero en Colombia (2009)

  En Búsqueda de una Estrategia Sostenible para los Biocombustibles (2008) 

Policy Briefs

 Developing Nation’s Perspective on the COP 15: A focus on the Andean Region (April, 2009)

  Colombia y EstadosUnidos: Las RelacionesBilaterales Durante el Primer Año de la Administración     Obama (January, 2009)


Policy Journal

Americas Quarterly

CEELAT is a partner organization of Americas Quarterly: The Policy Journal for our Hemisphere and the only magazine dedicated to policy analysis and debate of economics, finance, social development, and politics in the Western Hemisphere.



Challenges and Opportunities for the Commercial Deployment of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in LAC

Pablo Reyes at  the LAC-CORE Finance Briefing, New York, NY June 2011  

Tendencias y Proyecciones Regionales para la Integracion de Energias No-convencionales  

Pablo Reyes at the LAC-CORE/CEELAT Renewable Energy Finance Roundtable. Bogotá, May 2011 

El Futuro de las Energías Renovables en America Latina

Pablo Reyes at Clean Energy Congress, Buenos Aires, March 2011  

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in LAC: Market Trends and Finance 

Pablo Reyes at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum. Miami, February 2011  

Trends and Opportunities for Renewable Energy Deployment in LAC 

Pablo Reyes at  ACORE - Phase II, Washington, December 2010  

Security Planning and Policies to Meet the Challenges of Climate Change

Pablo Reyes at CNA’s Climate Change and Security Workshop, July 2010  

Strategic Thinking for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in LAC 

Pablo Reyes at RETECH. Washington, February 2010  

La RSE: Una Prioridad para el Sector Minero en Colombia 

Pablo Reyes at Congreso Minero, Medellín, August 2009  

Desarrollo de Políticas Publicas y Privadas para la Inversión en Fuentes Energía No Convencionales 

Pablo Reyes at CEELAT Energy Forum. Bogotá, April 2009  

Capitalizing on the Opportunities of Bioenergy: Lessons from the Green Revolution

Simon Nicholson at CEELAT Energy Cooperation Conference II. Bogotá, April 2008 

Biofuels for Transportation in Colombia 

Pablo Reyes at ISS EU Energy Policy Forum. Ljubljana, December  2007   


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